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School News 2017-18


Food Together Project

A big well done to the children and parents who have completed 3 weeks of the 6 week family cooking course in school.

Each week the children have been supported by their parents to make delicious foods such as fruit smoothies, healthy homemade chicken nuggets and coleslaw and homemade pizza’s.

Along with the practical work that take’s place in the kitchen the children and parents also take part in focused activities looking at healthy diets, nutrition, portion size, understanding food labels and cooking on a budget!

We look forward to the 3 remaining weeks that the families have left to complete.

If you are interested in taking part in family cooking session please speak to Claire in the school office.

Beast from the East

Before the 'Beast from the East' hit with its full force, Nursery children enjoyed exploring the snow in their playground. They made marks using different tools and explored making marks with their hands and feet. The children tried to clear the playground using the different things available. They all then warmed up by going inside and helping to make chocolate crispy buns

On Tuesday 27th February, Nursery enjoyed warming up after playing in the snow by making chocolate crispy buns. We looked at the differences between a bar of chocolate and melted chocolate and then listened carefully to follow the instructions of what to do! We took turns and helped each other and even got to take a crispy bun home.

Well done to our Year 6 children who recently graduated from the Mosaic Network.

Fagley Online Safety Showcase

Bradford City

Class 2 went on a visit to Valley Parade, the home of Bradford City.  We found out that Bradford City had won the FA Cup in 1911 and we compared the kits of the players then to the sponsored kits of the players today.  We then sat in the 'posh seats' and looked across the stadium at the heat lamps defrosting the pitch.  Ricky even showed us where he sits on match day! We then went into the home and away changing rooms and found out what happens before a match.  We even got to see the kit.  
After that we went to look at the memorial to the fans that sadly lost their lives in the fire at the stadium on 11th May 1985.  We found out the oldest person was 86 years old and the youngest person was only 11.
Finally we went to look at the trophy that Bradford City won when they were League Two champions.  We found the shirt and photograph of James Hanson who we have been reading about in our book The League of Dreams by Mark Graham.  
We had a fantastic time (even if it was a little bit snowy).

Supply Desk are proud to be working with local schools to help with key initiatives, including attendance.

They are pleased to sponsor Fagley Primary School in celebrating attendance and will be rewarding our winning pupil with a bike at our termly prize draw in celebration assembly - Well done to last terms winner!

Supply Desk are also pleased to be able to provide two new bicycles to Fagley Primary School for use in our cycling club.

Thank you from all at Fagley Primary School.

Hedgehoggery Visit


"We had a lovely visit from Heather at the Hedgehoggery and Stephanie today, who taught us lots about hedgehogs and brought in Rosie. Rosie was rescued a couple of months ago from the school grounds with severe wounds from a grass strimmer. Thankfully, through Heather's hard work, she is recovering well and should be able to be released back into the wild during Spring. Heather, Stephanie and Rosie visited Nursery and Reception and some children from Year 2 and Year 4 were able to join the talk. We learnt all about the different noises that hedgehogs make, how they make their nests and what we can do to help them in our garden. A very important piece of information was to leave them WATER NOT MILK outside as milk can give hedgehogs a poorly tummy. Hopefully we will see Rosie again after her hibernation and she will be able to meet even more children at Fagley."

Class 2

Class 2 won the attendance prize so our reward was to go to the Media Museum.  

We saw Tim Peake’s Soyuz capsule that had actually been in space and found out lots of information about what he did in the International Space Station.  We also dressed up as an astronaut.  

We explored in the Wonderlab Studio and took part in lots of activities about lights and sounds.  

Bike Friendly school

We are now a bike friendly school, how fantastic! Keep up the cycling!

Fun around the Fire

This half term, Reception are learning all about celebrations of light spent a whole week doing learning activities all about bonfire night. We read poems, sang songs, made rockets and to finish the week, we had our own mini bonfire with wood collected by our Forest Schools group. Despite it being quite windy, the glowing flames, the crackling wood and the smoky smell gave us a fantastic sensory learning  experience. 

Forest School

Look how much fun the children have each day at forest schools, bring on next weeks adventure. 

Room on the Broom

"Our story in Nursery this week has been Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson. Today we invited parents to join us for a craft and story session. Lots of Mums and Dads came to help us make our very own witches hats and wands. We then read the story together. Reading to young children provides them with a fantastic opportunity to experience language and to enjoy rhythm and rhyme. 

Thank you to all the parents who took the time to join us. All the children had a wonderful time!"

Today we exhibited Children's work from our pre-school setting right up to year 6.

The exhibition was held in the school hall for children and families to visit from 8:30am-10:00am.

The work was a stunning tribute to remember and honor those who have sacrificed themselves to secure and protect our freedom. 

Well done to all the children at Fagley Primary School.

Cook and Eat

In tonight's family cook and eat session they have been busy making vegetable lasagne. I am sure it will taste delicious as it defiantly looked like it would and was full of tasty vegetables.

Well done to the children and parents!

House Day

Sir Edward Appleton visited Bolling Hall on Wednesday 8th November. Situated in a quiet, leafy garden, Bolling Hall was the home of two important land-owning families. Children were thrilled to wander around the impressive house, which dates back to medieval times.

Pupils used the historic room settings to explore what houses were like in the past. They learnt about life during the time of the Great Fire of London and created their own collaborative scenes of the Great Fire.

During their workshop, children spent time exploring Bradford’s heritage. They listened to two Bradford legends, before having a go at creating their own flash fiction.

'Alan Titchmarsh' had a brilliant day at Cliffe Castle. In the morning, we turned into palaeontologists as we studied different types of dinosaurs. We were able to categorise the different types by the different features each dinosaur had. We also developed our geological knowledge as we drew and discussed different types of fossils that interested us. 
In the afternoon, after an exciting play on the adventure playground, we turned our hands to drawing and describing different stuffed animals in the natural habitats gallery. We learned that this process of stuffing an animal is called Taxidermy. We then created a model out of Plasticine of our favourite animal that we had been studying in the gallery.

Miriam Lord went to Cartwright Hall for their house day visit.  We visited the David Hockney exhibition and found out lots of interesting facts about him such as he was born in Bradford and went to Wellington Primary School.   The children in the group were so confident that they could even share some of the facts that they had found out about David Hockney from previous experiences.  

We looked at the different pieces of art Hockney created and discussed the different techniques that he had used.  We then found our favourite piece of art work and attempted to use these techniques in our own creations.  

After lunch we experimented with ink and also the IPads to produce different styles of work.  We then presented what we had learnt to the children in Sir Titus Salt.

Looking at the finished pieces we may need our own Fagley gallery at Cartwright Hall.

Sir Titus Salt went to Cartwright Hall on House Day. We had an amazing time being artists for the day. We went to different workshops which gave us the opportunity to learn different techniques that David Hockney used in his pictures. Watch our film to see what we got up to. 

New Bike Shelter

You may have noticed our new cycle and scooter storage on the school playground as you drop off and pick up your children.

We are very happy we now have a safe place to keep the schools bikes… we are going to have another busy year jam packed with cycling activities!

Please keep encouraging your children to cycle and scoot to school, it is wonderful to see so many of them collecting bike locks from the office each morning.

Keep up the good work!

Class 4 trip to Nell Bank

Class 4 recently went to Nell Bank in Ilkley as part of the schools celebration of Yorkshire Towns and Cities week. The children were thrilled to be able to spend the morning in Middleton Woods creating their own news reports of a sighting of a mysterious giant that lived in the woods. The children were brilliant in using their senses to be able to describe the woodland that they were exploring.
After lunch (and a play in the water park), the children carried on the investigations into the whereabouts of 'Rombald the Giant'. This time, the children used their maths skills to calculate the distance of some footprints that had been left in a field. From this calculation, they worked out what the potential height of the giant could be by using their 7 times tables. As the fog slowly lifted above Rombalds Moor, the children created some fantastic large scale artworks of the giant.
A brilliant day out topped off with an energetic play in the awesome adventure play park.

Roman Assembly

Class 4 had worked tremendously hard on creating their assembly and it certainly paid off during their performance! The whole school and the children's parents were treated to a Roman Numeral song, a Roman inspired 'Bake Off' (the winner wasn't given away), a Roman Battle sequence plus many more examples of the children's brilliant work throughout the first seven weeks of the Autumn term. It just showed us how much the children had enjoyed learning about their topic of the Romans. 
Well done Class 4, super work!

Cartwright Hall Take Over Day

After an intensive morning of training, on Thursday 19th October, Class 6 took over Cartwright Hall Art Gallery.  Take Over Day was a huge success as children eagerly absorbed information about the running of an art gallery. They learnt how to: catch and identify common gallery pests; answer phone calls in the office; gild frames and lead gallery tours. Class 5, along with parents, visited the gallery in the afternoon and were astounded by how professional and informative Year 6 were. 

The Deep

Class 6 recently went on a fantastic day trip out to The Deep in Hull. The Deep is one of the UK's most spectacular aquariums, with over 3500 fish, stunning marine life and lots of hands-on activities for children. During our visit, children investigated amazing creatures and the adaptations they possess. A few brave children took the opportunity to handle live hissing cockroaches! Throughout the trip children had the chance to see interesting living creatures like parrot fish, axolotl, penguins, stingray and reef sharks. A view of the Humber Bridge on the return journey to school was a lovely end to the day.

Our Day Out Exhibition


Year 1 Learn about Doncaster

Year 1 went to Yorkshire Wildlife Park on Monday 16th October. We had a fabulous time looking at the animals. We got to see lions, tigers, polar bears, giraffes, meerkats and rhinos. We also took part in a workshop where we got to identify and group different animals. Some of us got to touch a snake, cockroach and a giant African Snail. We even got play in an adventure playground. Year 1 loved every minute. 

York Dig

Class 5 visited ‘DIG’ in York as part of ‘Our Day Out’. The class enjoyed a lovely walk through the historic city of York pointing out the City Walls, Clifford’s Tower and spotting the tip of York Minister in the cities distance. At Dig the class took part in an excavation and discovered real artefacts. This exploration revealed the history of York, through Roman, Medieval, Viking and Victorian times. It was very hands on with the children handling old bones, pottery, metals, tiles and even some fossilised Viking poo. It was a great day had by all.

Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Year 2

Class 2 went on a visit to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park in Wakefield.  During the morning workshop, we went on an observation walk and used our senses to describe the sculptures we saw.  We created sketches of the different sculptures focusing carefully on the different lines and shapes.  We then used different materials such as wood, plastic and plasticine to create our own sculptures out in the park.  
In the afternoon, we designed our own surreal sculptures.  We worked individually to create a design and then worked in a team to combine elements of each of the designs to create a final plan for the sculpture we would make.  We chose our materials carefully to match the shapes in our plan and joined them together with tape.  We finished our designs with mod roc to give them a smooth, white finish.  We have some talented sculptors in Class 2.

Harvest Festival Appeal

Donations of tinned goods, dried pasta, rice, long life milk and juice, biscuits, tinned fruit, shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste and any other items that can be stored and kept in food hamper parcels will be greatly appreciated.

Donations can be dropped off at the school office by yourself or your child when they arrive at school.

Thank you for your generosity.

Jodrell Bank

Year 2

Class 2 went on a visit to Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre.  We looked at the huge Lovell telescope and found out that it can move around in a circle on railway tracks and can also be pointed at different angles into the sky. We also went inside a planetarium and found out about the different planets, moons and constellations.  Did you know the sun is a huge star?  We took part in a workshop and learned all about the British astronaut Tim Peake who spent six months on the International Space Station.  We then made our own rockets and launched them into the air.  

Football Boys - U9 ‘s

 Week 1

 Week 1 involved 3 games, the first game we played was against Lapage A team and we won 2-1 with both goals coming from Rehan, Game 2 we played High crags which resulted in a 5-0 win with goals from Murtaza 2, Waheed 1 and Rehan 2. We finished the first round of games with a win over one of the favourites for the competition Wellington with a 3-2 win with goals from Sultan, Rehan and Waheed. This was a tough game but the boys showed great team spirit and determination.

 Week 2 

 The First game we played was against Low Ash B team who we beat 4-0 with goals from Murtaza and Rehan 2.

We then went on to beat Lapage b 5-0 with goals from Murtaza 2, Waheed 2 and Hamza 1. 

We finished top of the table with 5 win from 5 games and progressing to the East Bradford finals. 

 East Bradford Finals

 We started really well with a 2-1 win over Low ash A with Waheed scoring both goals,  the defence and goal keeper Jack were superb in this game. We then went on to beat Rainbow 2-0 with goals from Waheed and Rehan. In the third game we played Wellington which resulted in a 0-0 result with both teams and goal keepers showing fantastic skill. The final game we played Cavendish and won 3-1 with goals from Waheed and 2 from Rehan.

We finished top of the league not losing a single game in 3 weeks and now progress to the Bradford finals in Feb.


Family Cook and Eat Sessions

Well done to the children and families who took part in our after school family cooking class. They worked wonderfully together measuring and weighing out their ingredients to make pizza.

Well done and thank you for attending.

If you would like to take part in the family classes please speak to Claire in the school office.

Thank you

Fagley Community Fun Day

Wednesday 4th October

Thank you to all the families who attended Fagley Community Fun day on the 4th October. Although the rain prevented the outdoor play equipment and donkeys attending the event we decided to still go ahead with the scrumptious tea and face paints in school. A brilliant afterschool meet up for the local community. We hope to rearrange the community fun day in the New Year. Keep your eyes peeled for the new date and time.

Parent Gym

Schools know that what happens at home has an enormous impact on children’s ability to thrive.  Parent Gym’s free 6 week programme helps parents to develop the skills to provide a nurturing family environment. This enables their children to make the most of all the learning opportunities which school offers.

We are very happy that from 28th September we have welcomed 8 parents on a Thursday morning to take part in the 6 week course. They are learning lots of tips and advice to help improve family life at home as well as enjoying the social meet up with other parents each week. It is wonderful to have parents in the school each week investing it their child’s learning and development.

Coffee morning

Thank you to all the parents and children who attended our McMillan coffee morning on the 29th September. It was wonderful to see so many parent and children enjoying all the delicious cake and buns. As a results of the coffee morning and the afterschool bake sale we raised an impressive £229.00 for Macmillan cancer support.


On Tuesday 26th September we welcomed Parents, Children and Mentors to school to take part in 'Mosaic' a 10 week programme which aims to bridge the aspirations - attainment gap.


The programme seeks to equip young girls and boys with the skills to connect education to work at an early age through mentors from professional backgrounds acting as role models, so that young people can aspire to careers in a range of different sectors.

This week was ‘getting to know one another’ and was thoroughly enjoyed by all involved. We encourage all parent and carers to attend with their children to ensure they get the most from the programme.


The date for their upcoming graduation from the course will be on Friday 8th December 2017 at Leeds Trinity University. Please keep this date free to celebrate the achievements of your child.


Be cycle

The week commencing 25th September the children from Year 6 took part in a transition cycle ride each day with Be-cycle and City Connect.

Each day consisted of brushing up on their bike ability level 2 skills learnt in the summer term. The cyclist rode on the school playground for 1 hour warming up and showing the cycling instructors how well they could ride. The children were soon signed off as ‘road worthy’ and took to the streets of Fagley and beyond to begin their bike ride. They cycled through the estate to join the cycle super high way on Gain Lane. From there they rode all the way to Priesthorpe high school, they used the roundabout to travel back towards Bradford, diverting past the Odeon cinema before heading back toward Thornbury roundabout and back to school.

They all did brilliantly and showed what capable and confident cyclists they are.