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At Fagley Primary School, our intent is to deliver a broad, balanced curriculum building on skills, knowledge and experience year on year. Where possible, our Integrated Curriculum topics provide a thematic context for the curriculum music teaching to flourish. This gives a platform to practise and hone skills that can be applied in singing, music making and performing.


We aim to promote music listening for enjoyment to a variety of different music styles from different time periods. We hope that that this will broaden their listening palette to a wider range of musical experiences which will inform their music preferences both now and in the future.


More widely, we hope to increase children’s confidence, sense of enjoyment and achievement through music so that children can reach their full potential.



What does music look like in our school?


  • All year groups from Nursery to Year 6 have set pieces of music to listen to throughout the year which both link to their curriculum learning and are pieces suggested by the Curriculum guidance. Nursery and Reception have 9 set pieces each and years one to six have 12 pieces per year group. The music ranges from Early Music, Renaissance period, Baroque, Classical, Romantic Period, 20th Century Music, 21st Century and music traditions from across the world.
  • In Early Years, there is a focus on sounds and music exploration. Singing and rhymes support both children’s language development and awareness of pitch, melody and simple dynamics.
  • Years 1 to 6 receive curriculum teaching provided by Bradford Music Service. Where possible, links to the curriculum theme will be made. There is a clear breakdown and progression of skills required in the National Curriculum and these are taught in each year group.
  • Years 2, 4 and 6 receive Samba teaching provided by Bradford Music Service. Children are taught different rhythms, skills in playing the instruments and how to collaborate with others, listening and working together to perform set pieces.
  • Children take part in a whole school singing assembly each week. This incorporates listening to music, learning warm ups and a variety of both seasonal and other songs. What we learn allows the school to mark special occasions that we celebrate, bringing everyone together to sing e.g. Christmas, Easter, The Kings Coronation etc.
  • Parents are invited into school twice a year to hear what the children have been learning in their curriculum music lessons and Samba sessions.

Additionally, teachers select a song to sing as part of their Curriculum Assembly that showcases learning to parents.

When invited, we take part in Bradford Music events performing for example at Bradford Cathedral or St George’s Hall as part of the Bradford Schools Prom.

  • Every year, Reception incorporate singing and performance to stage the yearly Nativity play. Year six mark the end of their Primary School experience by putting on an end of year performance which again includes singing and sometimes dance.  
  • We welcome the Music Service every year to perform a concert to all our children to experience music performed live. We also take the opportunity to invite recommended live performers into school to broaden our children’s musical experience.


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