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18th-22nd July 2016

100% Attendance Award Winners

Congratulations to Ashanti, Ellie, Phoebe, Jamie, Charlie, Fola, Hannah and Jessica for achieving 100% attendance for the school year.  This is a fantastic achievement.  Well done for coming to school everyday!

Are you taking part?

Summer 2016

Year 6 Awards Ceremony


Year 6 really wanted to do a talent show as their leaving assembly but then also wanted to talk about things they had enjoyed whilst being at Fagley Primary School.
We decided that an awards ceremony would let us recognise things we had enjoyed but also showcase 'talents' that we have. With it being our final assembly EVER, our teachers thought it would be a good idea to make it glitzy and got out the red carpet.
The children enjoyed performing the assembly because it was fun and exciting. The atmosphere was electric on the morning and it was fantastic to see so many parents and family members coming to support Year 6.

Year 6 Transition Week

11th-15th July 2016

During the week of transition, the Year 6 children participated in many different events.  On Monday, we had visitors from Bradford College.  The children had to plan, design and then present in front of the class their ideas about the TV advert.  The children were in groups and they had 30 minutes to create their masterpiece.  They were under pressure and had to manage their time effectively.  We has winners and runners up.  The children were amazing!

On Wednesday, the Year 6 children went to Leeds Trinity University.  They had a tour around the campus and they saw a lecture theatre and student accommodation.  Did you know Leeds Trinity has its very own gym?The children also made motar boards - it was fun and they enjoyed making them.  Towards the end of the visit the children participated in a quiz about universities.

On Thursday the children had a visitor from Morrisons.  They received a presentation about the supply chain and where the different products come from.  The children were also informed about different job opportunities that are available by large supermarkets.  The children thoroughly enjoyed the session.  Thank you Morrisons.

Lights Camera Action!


Year 6 went on their final trip to the Media Museum this morning. We took part in a production workshop where we went through the three stages of television production. We learnt about different roles that are available behind the camera and the amount of work needed to produce a programme. We then had a chance to star in our own Victorian Murder Mystery! We were given scripts and props and some of us were working the cameras.
Finally, we learnt a little about blue screen technology and how it is used in films like Harry Potter to create flying effects and Khadijah even had her own invisibility cloak.

Celebrating Success


Fagley Primary host Summer Olympics

Who do you support?

Who does your child support?

Children paraded with flags and banners to National Anthems of

  • Brazil
  • USA
  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Jamaica
  • France
  • India

The sum shone down, the children cheered, laughed and sung their hearts out to 'I'm a believer'.  Children received certificates for making the most progress in reading, writing and maths.

Classes entertained us as Year 2, 3 and 5 sang with years 1, 4 and 6 performing samba pieces on the drums - really loud!

Staff and children waited in anticipation to see the results of the Sports Day.  Sir Titus Salt proudly received their medals with a grand finale of the whole school's rendition of The National Anthem.

Another great day at Fagley Primary School.

Sports Day 

Year 1 and Year 2

Year 1 and 2 had a fantastic sports day on Wednesday 13th July.  The children enjoyed the different activities from long jump to triple jump and finished off the event with sprint and hurdle races.  The children gave it their all throughout the afternoon and should be very proud of themselves.

Sports Day

Year 3 and Year 4

Another fantastic afternoon for classes 3 and 4 as they competed in their sports day.  The children were fantastic and many of the events were very close in score.  Well done to all the children for their excellent sportsmanship and positive attitudes.  The results will be added to class 5 and 6 scores already collected.

Sports Day

Year 5 and Year 6


Year 5 and 6 children had a very eventful sports day on Monday 11th July.  The children took part in seven different sporting activities that tested their speed, strength and agility.  The children gave 100% throughout all the activities.  Their scores have been collected and will be added to the other year groups ready for the Olympic Games celebration ceremony on Thursday.

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside...

On Wednesday Nursery went on a family trip to the seaside.

We enjoyed the coach ride where we spotted cows, sheep, horses, tractors a wind farm and even York Minster and the rollercoaster at Flamingoland.

We arrived at Whitby and walked down into the town through the whalebones. We saw boats, the harbour, lighthouses the amusements and lots of seagulls.

We got back on the coach and headed up the coast to Sandsend where we had a picnic and played on the beach. Even though the water was cold we all had a paddle, some children even sat down in the sea. We built sandcastles, collected stones and buried our legs.

Happy and tired we got back on the coach to come back to Nursery.

A big thank you to all the mums and dads who made the day such a treat.

Cycling to Success


Children love cycling - it's fast and fun, and gives them freedom and independence to get around.

Six year 6 children went to a cycling competition where in race after race we pulled in the points.  Our first event of this kind with seven schools fighting for a place - be it first, second or third.

Our children came back triumphant in third place.  What a huge success for our children - we are so proud of them and look forward to next year!

Reasons to cycle this summer... (with your children, on your own, or your children on their own)

  • Improve your fitness
  • Boost your positive mental fitness
  • Travel for free
  • Introduce a healthy activity
  • Do something together
  • Cyclists are a fit as a person 10 years younger than them

Would you like a parents' cycling club?  Let Mrs Blythe know what you think.

Well done Year 6!

Gangsta Granny


Children from Class 2, 3 and 4 went to watch Gangsta Granny at The Alhambra theatre. Class 2 have been reading the book which was written by David Walliams. We laughed a lot and enjoyed it when we had to get up and dance at the end.  There was even a dancing cat!

Big Swing


The school council have been researching FREE places to visit in the local area.  The Big Swing is free to visit and is open throughout the Summer Holidays. The School Council  are going to tell the whole school about their visit in assembly and encourage others to go in the Summer Holidays. None of the school council knew it existed so I would imagine many other children are not aware that it is there. 

Tour De Fagley


Year Six had the opportunity today to put into practise some of the skills that they learnt on their Bikeability course a couple of weeks ago.

We began, in the playground, by showing we could control the bike and knew what to do when approaching a junction. Once everyone proved they were competent, we headed outside of school and the safety of the playground.

The route was approximately one and a half miles long. It was a combination of roads, cycle paths and public footpaths through the woods. Everyone showed great determination and resilience to make it back to school in one piece, despite some very tired legs from the final hill towards school. 

We had some very eventful moments, with some students not being very good at judging how deep puddles were, chains coming off bikes, someone taking a spectacular tumble and even trousers splitting! 

Everyone that took part really enjoyed the bike ride and found it useful to be able to put their skills into a practical context. We look forward to the longer bike ride that Year Six are going on in the final week of term.

On Friday 1st July Year 6 went to the Media Museum. We all took part in a workshop where we first had to design our own shadow puppet. We learnt lots from Brooke, who worked at the Museum, about shadows and why they are different colours and sizes.

We then has some time to look around the Media Museum. We particularly liked the retro gaming area. Some of the games were much trickier than we thought they would be!

A work of Art!


Our school has a passion for art.  Consequently, teachers make a point of allowing art to be integral to the topics they teach and this occurs in every year group.  Recent work includes vibrant paintings depicting dancers and musicians for this years Bradford Festivals by a group form classes 1 to 6.  Class 3 produced some fantastic pastel drawings of Aboriginal cave paintings.  David Hockney and L.S Lowry paintings were made by class 4 which would certainly make Hockney and Lowry  proud!  Hot off the press!  Class 5 have just created some very imaginative colour pencil drawings representing this years Olympic games.  Careful observational drawings of horses by class 6 were based on Leonardo da Vinci's inspiring detailed horse studies.

This is just some of the fantastic artwork that our very talented young artists have produced, a selection of which can be seen in a exhibition being held at Peel Park Primary School based in Bradford.  The preview for this was on Friday 1st July.  The Lord Mayor and Mayoress attended as well as the telegraph and Argus and refreshments were available.

We are proud to announce that Aatqa Tahir from class 5 was a prize winner at this years event.

Class 1 Visit to Scarborough


Last week Class 1 went on a visit to Scarborough. Matthew was the first to see the sea after lots of looking on our long bus journey from Bradford.

The children were able to enjoy a picnic on the beach in the sun, followed by lots of digging and games on the beach. Mr Ta Seti organised a game of cricket which was good fun.

After all that playing it was time to cool off with a paddle in the sea, with plenty of splashing! Then to the ice cream shop with lots of flavours to choose from it was a hard decision!  Finally, a walk along the beach where we found some very friendly donkeys so after a ride on a donkey it was time to say goodbye to Scarborough.  What a fun filled day! 

Year 4 visit Yorkshire Water


On Wednesday 29th June, Class 4 had an exciting trip to two Yorkshire Water sites.  We experienced the water cycle first-hand as we walked around Eccup Reservoir in the pouring rain!  We did manage to do a bit of bird watching though and spotted egrets, swallows and even a red kite in flight.  We later toured Headingley Water Treatment Works (thankfully under shelter) and learnt just how 'raw water' from the reservoir is made safe for us to drink.  There were a lot of 'urrghs', but we all left thankful that we have access to clean water when we need it, and determined to do our bit and save water each day.

Year 3 visit Yorkshire Wildlife Park


Yesterday, Year 3 went on a fantastic trip to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.  We all had such a fun day looking at lots of different animals including lemurs, tigers, lions and even giraffes. On the wallaby walkabout, we were able to get close enough to touch the wallabies! Many children were able to see a baby wallaby (joey) popping out of its mother’s pouch.

After lunch, the fun continued with a run, jump, balance and swing around in the woodland adventure park.

There were lots of sleepy children (and teachers!) on the way home. 

Year 6 Bike Ability

23-24 June 2016

Bikeability is the only government-recognised cycle training scheme, underpinned by national standards. Cycling is a great way to get around, get some exercise, and reduce the amount of time spent stuck in a car, or on the bus.

The Year 6 children have completed Level 1 and Level 2.  Well done!

Level 1

At Level 1 new riders learn to control and master their bikes in a space away from traffic such as a playground or closed car park. Trainees will usually be trained in a group of 3-12, though individual training may also be available in your area. At Level 1 you can:

  • prepare yourself and your bike for cycling
  • get on and off your bike without help
  • start off, pedal and stop with control
  • pedal along, use gears and avoid objects
  • look all around and behind, and control the bike
  • share space with pedestrians and other cyclists

Level 2

Level 2 takes place on local streets, giving trainees a real cycling experience. Trainees learn how to deal with traffic on short journeys such as cycling to school or the local shops. Trainees are usually trained in small groups – up to 6 trainees per instructor – though individual training may also be available. At Level 2 you can:

  • prepare for on-road cycling
  • start and finish an on-road journey
  • recognise typical hazards
  • let others know what you are about to do
  • know where to ride on the road
  • pass parked vehicles and side roads

Faith Day - Sikhism


Children at Fagley primary school spent the day learning all about the Sikh faith.  The children worked in their family groups alongside their siblings. 

Year 6 Transition Workshop


The transition to secondary school is an important time for Year 6 pupils as many of them will start to use public transport independently. To help support our Year 6 pupils they recently attended a SAFEMARK workshop.

Summary of Junior SAFEMARK workshop: 

  • Planning a journey in advance – The importance of preparing for journeys including a discussion of potential scenarios when travelling independently.
  • Online Journey Planning – using Metro’s website to plan a recreational trip or school journey.
  • Finding school bus information and timetables on, Metro’s young person’s website.
  • Interpreting timetables – Finding bus times on a bus stop timetable.
  • Metro’s Services – More ways to plan a journey – stressing importance of being able to find your way home safely.
  • Bus safety – Role play session addressing bus safety and behavior


This term Class 1 have been thinking about people who are special to them and finding out about special people in the Hindu faith. Today we were lucky enough to have a visitor; Seema Butto from Diversity and Cohesion who talked to the children about Hindusim and the holy book Vedas. The children heard a story about Krishna and Sudama which was all about eternal friendship. Harvey dressed up as Krishna in traditional clothes and had a turn at playing the flute.  The children asked lots of interesting questions and found out lots of information which will help them in future work. 

Class 1 and 2 visit to Media City in Manchester


Yesterday Class 1 and 2 went on a visit to Media City in Manchester to be in the audience of the CBeebies TV show; Justin’s House. The children enjoyed looking at the lights, cameras and stage setting. They experienced first-hand the many ‘takes’ needed to create just one episode! The children were interested in the many different job roles involved in creating a TV programme such as the floor manager, setting organisers, film crew, as well as the actors and actresses.


The children joined in with singing, clapping and cheering with great enthusiasm right up to the end of the many ‘takes’ It was very long busy yet enjoyable day!  We will let you know the date the two episodes are broadcast as soon as we are informed from the TV Company.    

 Conny for the CbbC team has informed school that the programme will be available to view on TV in October / November 2016.  Keep a look our for our Fagley stars!

Mosaic Graduation

Year 6 students and their parents participated in a 10 week Mosaic programme.  The programme founded by HRH Prince Charles, was delivered by Mrs Wahid and two volunteer mentors, Susan and Nosheen.

The focus of the programme was to increase the children's confidence, motivation and skills that demonstrate how to be a good citizen and to always try their best in whatever they do.  On Friday 27th May 2016 the students took part in a graduation ceremony.

House Morning


Fagley primary school enjoyed another fantastic House Morning.  Children spent the morning working in their family groups.  They enjoyed a variety of activities; cooking, computing, art, a Cartwright Hall visit, Industrial museum visit, forest schools outing and team building.  The children produced some fantastic pieces of art work to celebrate the Queens 90th birthday.  They also baked several Victoria sponge cakes, which were delicious! 

Today children from Titchmarsh House Group visited Cartwright Hall in Lister Park. We learnt a lot about David Hockey- a local artist. We saw and discussed his work and the different techniques he used on his different pieces. We concluded our visit by creating our own version of his work byt creating a collage of Cartwright Hall. We all really enjoyed our morning and learnt lots about this Bradford-born artist.

Jewish Faith Day


During faith day, to celebrate Passover, children made their own 10 plague finger puppets.  We re-told the events of the 10 plagues and used puppets to bring the story to life.  Children enjoyed playing different parts of the story, such as the wild animals.

Nursery children visit the Bradford Industrial Museum


This half term in Nursery we have been learning all about journeys and different places we can visit.

We decided to plan a visit to the Industrial Museum. We phoned them up and they said we could come, we thought about how we could keep safe as we walked to the museum, we asked our mums and dads if they would like to come to and then we set off.

On the walk to the museum we looked for numbers – we found lots, on cars, lampposts, bins, road signs and houses.

At the museum we saw cars, bikes, motorbikes, busses and even a train.
We looked out for a car with 3 wheels, cars with starting handles a petrol pump and a bus stop.

We had a fantastic trip to the Industrial Museum. A big thank you to all the mums and dads who came with us.

Improving Cycle Confidence with Sustrans


Ian from Sustrans has been working with children from Y's 4, 5 & 6 using Fagley's own bikes.  Some children have learnt to ride for the first time, others have learnt how to stop, start and brake effectively. All children have finished their sessions with a smile.
More cycle sessions next week.

Board Game Prize Winners


After the fantastic board games designed at February half term the children were set another new challenge. 

Using age appropriate high frequency words the children had to design and make their own game.  The games created were absolutely amazing and it was very difficult for the class teachers to choose two winners in each class.  Children were awarded with their prizes in todays 'Lets Celebrate' assembly.  We hope you enjoy sharing your prizes with your family.

Year 1 Visit Hesketh Farm


Last Friday Class 1 celebrated their good attendance with a visit to Hesketh Farm, near Bolton Abbey. The children worked hard on the farm feeding the lambs, calves and hens, collecting the eggs, brushing the pigs, guinea pigs and Billy the pony who was rather muddy! They also had a ride on the farm tractor to check and count the sheep, there were thousands! They learnt what all the different coloured marking meant and how to look after the sheep. In the hatching room they watched chicks hatching and were able to handle and play with the chicks.

Two giant tortoise followed Class 1 around to make sure they carried out all their jobs! It was a fantastic day the children learnt lots about the animals and how to care for them, as well as having lots of fun!

Status Quo Drummer Performs at Fagley Primary School


Jeff Rich entertained and educated children, staff and parents on the history of drumming intertwined with demonstrations of techniques and perfomances by staff, children and Jeff which were thoroughly enjoyed by all the children.

A performance with firstly KS2 playing percussion and secondly KS1 with Jeff playing on the drums.  Smiling faces and tapping feet created a great atmosphere of enjoyment and engagement by all.

Fagley Children star at St George's Hall

82 children represented school at this year's music and dance spectacular, hosted by the TV presenter Naomi Wilkinson, at St George's Hall on the evening of Thursday, 24th March 2016.

The choir sang:

Counting Stars - One Republic

I don't want to live on the moon - Moss

Hold up a Light - Barlow

Step it up for Sport relief - M&H Johnson

Year 4 and Year 6 played an outstanding piece, dressed in black, lights out with fluorescent bands on their wrists, so the Massed Bamboo Tamboo Group sounded brilliant but looked amazing as well practised rhythms bounced around the stage.

We were very proud of the performance by all our children and thank the many parents who attended. 


Big Pedal


As part of our Big Pedal week, Ian from Sustrans is teaching children safe scooter skills in the playground at school. Focusing on gliding, weaving and safe stopping as well as the scooter limbo.

Big Pedal Prize Winners

Abbie Year 6

Zohaib Year 1

Zainab Year 2

Zara Y6

Marwa Y4

Congratulations to all the winner.  Enjoy your cycling prizes.

Dog Trust Visit
Today class 3 had an exciting visit from The Dog's Trust. 
We had a fantastic time meeting a lovely, black pug called Winnie and even learnt how to 
be a responsible dog owner.  We also learnt about why you need to take a dog to the vets, why it is important to feed a dog healthy food and why it is important to get your dog micro chipped. 
Tomorrow we will be writing our own leaflet about how to take care of a dog.

Class 1 visit to Sundown Adventure Land

Last week Class 1 went on the most amazing trip to Sundown Adventure Land, so they could learn all about stories and do lots of other activities whilst having fun.  

The children were able to explore, climb and slide in Fort Apache, ride aboard the Rocky Mountain Railroad and walk around Lollipoppet Castle, being careful not to wake the dragon!  Then it was on to Story Book Village where the children listened to their favourite stories, tried the chairs in the Seven Dwarfs House, played the piano in the Three Pigs House and got locked in a cage with Hansel and Gretel! The story of the Mouse’s Tale scared them a little but they soon forgot as the story lead them to a magical sleigh ride where Santa and Rudolf slept through the children’s excited chatter! 

Driving a tractor through the English countryside and sailing downstream in a barrel whilst trying to avoid pirates and other surprises were definitely the highlight of the visit! “This is the best trip ever” is a common quote from the day. 

The Big Pedal

The Big Pedal 2014


Scarecrow Row

Fagley Primary has come up with a bizarre way to save it's crops and fruit - Bradford characters.

The awesome characters of Amelia Earhart, Mr Ken Morrison, James Hanson, The Bradford soldier Bill Adams, Peter from The Railway Children and William Forster stand tall along the pathway into school.

The scarecrow brings with it British culture of protecting it's crops.

The understanding of Bradford and the influences on it by characters and events over time has added to children's understanding of the city's heritage.

Bringing scarecrows and famous Bradford people together has impacted as a 'WOW' outcome to our Spring Term.

Well done Fagley children and staff.

They are terrific!



Egg Competition - Winners Galore!


Two children from each class walked away with Easter Eggs winning the 'Make a boiled egg into a Bradford character or setting' competition.  Choosing the winners was difficult as children had drawn on the last term's learning to apply their imaginative and creative skills in the fun activity.  Well done the winners!



Attendance Awards


96% attendance - Children

Well done to the children who have attended school for 96% and above since September 2015.  Coming to school ensures that your children learn really well, play well with their friends and learn to keep safe in life both now and in the future.



100% Attendance - Parents' Award

We have presented parents with a coaster in recognition of parent/carers bringing their child or children to school everyday for the Spring term.  It really has made a difference to achievement and enjoyment of life at Fagley Primary for these children.


Easter Faith Day


Fagley Primary celebrate Easter


Reception to Year 6 children practiced hymns and made a slide show depicting the Stations of the Cross, both staring in the slides and working with the Priest to further develop their interests and knowledge of the Christian faith.

During Holy week, children, staff and governor walked around to the church for an Easter service.  The enjoyment and fascination of the Easter story was evident as children listened to Father Stephen, watched the slideshow and sung gusto.

On reflection the day demonstrated the developing interest and understanding that Fagley Primary School children have in their different faiths.

'Majesty worship His Majesty'


Spelling Awards


Congratulations to all the children in Class 1-6 who received a spelling award this term.  The award recognises those children in the school who have made the most progress or achieved the highest attainment in their class.  A very big well done to all the children who received a spelling award.



Y6 Author Visit

On World Book Day, Class 6 went to Bradford City Library to meet Margaret Mulligan, the author of 'Katy Parker and the House That Cried.'
We heard three interesting extracts from the book and discussed with the author our predictions and what we would like to happen to the characters.
Some of us were able to buy a copy of the book and even get it signed!
As a special bonus, each of us were able to choose a free book from the collection available for World Book Day



World Book Day 2016

World Book Day's a Winner at Fagley Primary School


The importance of reading is high on the agenda at Fagley Primary School with great engagement and enjoyment by children and staff. 

Lots of laughter and a hint of competition as staff and children embarked on 'works of art' to celebrate world book day.

Children love reading for pleasure at Fagley Primary School and this is what makes them so successful.

Children and staff all received a white t-shirt onto which they had to design the front cover of their favourite book and onto the back of the t-shirt write key words, phrases or the blurb.  The t-shirts were stunning with book prizes awarded in assembly.

Children listened intently whilst teachers read excerpts from their favourite children's books, pertinent and thoughtful choices by teachers demonstrated the vital importance that reading has in our school.


Half Term Homework

Prize Winners

Bored with Board Games?

Never at Fagley Primary School


Children rose to the occasion when set challenging February half-term homework.  All children received a plastic folder with one piece of A4 card, a net of a dice, felt pens and a brief to design a board game with instructions using appropriate age related number facts.

The response was amazing with both children and parents excited to find out who the successful winner were.  Adventure Island, Fagley monopoly, fish themed games etc took participants to the winning prizes of specially chosen age appropriate family games.



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