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4 July 2018 (by keira burnsall (kburnsall))

Science Show

On June 18th 2018, Fagley Primary School was visited by the national children’s museum: Eureka. As part of an outreach play and learning programme, 15 schools in the Bradford area were recently chosen, by Eureka, to benefit from a day of lively science shows. Fagley Primary School was delighted to be chosen!

Children took part in fun science shows to learn more about how their body works.

During the day, Key Stage 1 had a visit from The Gross Lab. In this show, children got the opportunity to explore the ‘ickier’ (but very important) side of the human body. They found out what happens when you cut yourself, what saliva is for and why we burp (and poop). They even helped to make fake poo, snot and sick!

Whereas, Key Stage 2 experienced From the Chew to the Poo! They found out about the digestive system, through the journey of a banana and peanut butter sandwich. From the moment it is eaten to the moment it leaves the body as waste, children tracked its movements through us.

The day was packed full of science learning and children enjoyed discovering more about the human body.