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Roman Invasion

20 September 2017 (by keira burnsall (kburnsall))

Year 4

On Tuesday 12th September, Class 4 was invaded by a ruthless Roman legion all the way from Italy. The classroom was transformed into a vicious battleground with the children been enrolled into the deadly ranks of the Roman army. They learned all about the different battle tactics that the Romans used to conquer Britain. 'An army marches on its stomach'...or so the saying goes as children also learned about the different foods that the Romans would of been eating at the time. In this scene some of the children became market stall holders and created a fabulously busy 'market atmosphere'. However, word had broken out that Boudicca's army had been starting to rebel against the Roman way of life in Britain as the children demonstrated their fears at the bustling market scene. What a fantastic mornings work Year 4!