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Marvellous Maths

22 May 2017 (by keira burnsall (kburnsall))

Year 5

So far this term, Class 5 have been exploring all things angles. We began our maths work by discussing what is meant by an angle. The children came up with some fantastic and well-informed definitions during our discussions, many of them identifying them as part of a whole turn and as a property of shapes. Since our initial discussions, the children have gone on to explore angles through class-based and outdoor angle hunts, during which they were competing to find as many different angle types and they could in their immediate and nearby environments.

As they have developed their knowledge in this area, Class 5 have applied their skills to a variety of problem solving, investigative tasks. The children have used resources such as geoboards to make the connections between angles and shapes and have also taken their maths learning outside of the context of the classroom and explored shapes and angles in the playground. During this task the chn had to either prove or disprove the statement that triangles only contained acute angles.

The children have thoroughly enjoyed this unit of work so far and are keen to continue their learning journey.